About us

STD was established in 1990's and specializing in the manufacturing of staplers and punches.standard office product Co.,Ltd releases staplers and punches of varied designs and sizes.Not restrictde within the design and high quality producer in China.Every single of our product design is to consider the user how to handle our products in a easier and comfortable way by all means.

Standard for Excellence

To be the best and produce the finest. Acquiring a reputation for these qualities comes from hard work, experience, and commitment to setting goals based on a vision of the future, as well as an understanding of the day-to-day demends for excellence.

Our company was established since 1996, Standard Office Product Co., Ltd has become known as a worldwide leader in supplying top quality, innovatively designed Office Products. We are proud that this tradition of leadership continues today. The STD products line has continually expanded and improved over the years. We feel that our growth is clearly reflected in this homepage.

As the gobal market has developed, so has STD. STDs' products are manufactured and sold throughout the world.Our skilled and dedicated people use the latest manufacturing techniques, the highest quality materials and outstanding teamwork to build the finest products available. But even as STD had grown over the past years, we have not forgotten that our success is rooted in our reputation for quality products, innovation, reliable service support, and market presence. Consumers alike know that they are not just buying STDs' products, they are buying the STDs' reputation, as our industry's STANDARD FOR EXCELLENCE.